Program Courses

International students in a GW classroom

See below for course descriptions:

Course Descriptions

Develops academic listening and speaking skills for low-advanced level students who are interested in graduate study in an English-speaking academic context.  Learner outcomes include improved academic listening and presentation skills and general readiness to participate in academic communication activities required by graduate programs in the students’ disciplines. (3 credit hours)


Develops academic reading, writing, and research skills of low-advanced level students who are interested in graduate study in an English-speaking academic context.  Learner outcomes focus on mastery of reading comprehension skills for authentic academic materials, as well as on the students’ ability to engage in and successfully complete writing tasks typically required in a graduate-level classroom. (3 credit hours)



Skills course to scaffolds international students' understanding and production of academic text, including grammar, sentence structure, and use of appropriate academic register.  Helps students develop fluency and confidence in writing strong and clear academic sentences and paragraphs. (1 credit hour)

Speech training for international students interested in enhancing speaking and communication in all settings.  Aspects of training are targeted to students' individual needs and may include pronunciation, vowel modification, word and syllable stress, intonation, and flow that can enhance intelligibility, professionalism and overall communicative confidence. (1 credit hour)

Program Policies

  • Performance in AES program courses is evaluated on a 100-point scale with a minimum score of 80 required in each AES class for students to successfully complete the program. Grading is credit/no credit.
  • Students who successfully complete the program are fully admitted to their GW program of study and register for graduate courses and EAP in fall semester.
  • Students who fail to successfully complete all course work will generally not be allowed to continue in the program. A student who fails a single course but shows strength and potential in the rest of the curriculum may be allowed to continue to enroll as a graduate student in the fall based on the recommendation of the instructor and the approval of both the AES director and admitting school. Should such an exception be granted, the student will be required to enroll in 1 to 3 credits of additional tutorial courses to supplement the next level of instruction. Costs for this supplementary instruction is not included in the tuition rates listed for the program.
  • AES course credits cannot be applied toward any GW degree or certificate program.