School Without Walls Students

The School Without Walls Exposure Program provides opportunities for qualified students within School Without Walls to take classes at GW and earn university-level academic credits. 

If you're interested in taking a class, speak to a School Without Walls Guidance Counselor to start the application process. The application process takes place each semester (fall, spring and summer). 

Interested students may only apply to one GW-SWW collaborative program at a time. GW will not accept applications for Exposure Summer Session and GWECP-AA concurrently.  If you have any questions, please speak to your School Without Walls Counselor. 



FALL 2021 UPDATE: As announced earlier this summer, the University will resume in-person instruction for Fall 2021. With the return to campus, please familiarize yourself with the University's back to campus plan and COVID-19 immunization requirements, which can be found on the Campus Advisories website, along with complete up-to-date information on the University's response. If you are a currently enrolled student with questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 please email [email protected].


The Office of Summer and Non-Degree Programs team will continue to assist students remotely. Please send all inquiries and questions to [email protected].   





Submit an Application

Submit an application to apply for non-degree status. You will first be prompted to create a username, confirm your email address, then create a password. Once these steps are completed, you will be able to log in and start a new application. On the first page of the application, choose the following in order to apply as a non-degree student (each field must be selected before the following fields options will populate):

  • What type of program are you applying to? Non-Degree
  • School: Summer & Non-Degree Programs
  • Field of Study: School Without Walls Exposure Program
  • Degree: Non-Degree
  • Concentration: Not Applicable
  • Term: Semester that you wish to apply for

The application will then guide you through the rest of the parts until your application is complete, including attaching signed and completed copies of the Policy Form (PDF), Registration Request Form (PDF), Recommendation Form (PDF) and Student Consent Form (PDF). Please review your application before submitting to make sure the information you've given us is complete and accurate.

The application will instruct you to provide a name and email address for your recommender. A link will then be sent to your recommender allowing them to upload the recommendation form directly to your application.


Create a GW NetID and GW Email Account

Once your acceptance email arrives, use the GW student ID (or GWID) provided to create your GW netID and GW email account. The NetID is required to access GW systems, and the GW email will be the address to which GW sends all official communications, including course announcements and your student e-bill.

Register for Courses

We will complete your registration using the Registration Request Form submitted with your application, and confirm your course details by email.

Choose a Course

School Without Walls students are eligible for the following courses. For semester-specific class information, please see the GW Schedule of Classes.

If a student completes a course not included in these pre-approved courses, they may submit the course syllabus and official college transcript for outside credit review by DCPS. Credit towards graduation may be applied after review.

  • AMST 2020: D.C. History, Culture, and Politics
  • ASTRO 1001: Stars, Planets, Life in the Universe
  • BISC 1005: Biology of Nutrition Health
  • BISC 1006: Ecology & Evolution of Organisms
  • BISC 1111: Intro Biology: Cells and Molecules
  • BISC 1112: Intro Biology: The Biology of Organisms for Sci Majors
  • CHEM 1003/1004: Contemporary Science for Non-Sci Majors
  • CHEM 1111: Gen Chemistry for Sci Majors
  • Chinese 1001
  • Chinese 1002
  • ENGL 1330/1330W: Myths of Britain
  • ENGL UW1015: University Writing Seminar
  • English UW1020: University Writing
  • ENGL 1320W: Literature of the Americas
  • ENGL 1511: Intro to American Literature
  • ENGL 1510: Intro to American Literature I
  • ENGL 1411: Intro to English Literature
  • ENGL  1410: Intro to English Literature I
  • French 1001
  • French 1002
  • GEOG 1002: Intro to Physical Geography
  • GEOL 1001: Intro Phyiscal Geology
  • HIST 1011: World History 1500-Present (Special permission from DCPS and GWECP needed to apply this course in the GWECP Program of Study.)
  • HIST 1311: U.S. History—1876 to the Present
  • HLWL 1114: Personal Health and Wellness
  • MATH 1009: Mathematical Ideas I
  • MATH 1010: Mathematical Ideas II
  • MATH 1220: Calculus with Precalculus I
  • MATH 1221: Calculus with Precalculus II
  • MUS 1101: Elements of Music Theory
  • MUS 1103: Music in the Western World
  • PHYS 1011: General Physics I
  • POL SCI 1002: American Government & Politics
  • Spanish 1001
  • Spanish 1002
  • STAT 1051: Intro to Statistics for Business & Economics
  • STAT 1053: Intro to Statistics for Social Science
  • STAT 1011: Statistics for Business & Economics

Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campus

Classes are taught on both the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses. Due to the time it takes to travel between campuses, we recommend that you choose courses held on the Foggy Bottom Campus.

Dropping a Course

Students who would like to add or drop courses after the first day of classes should first speak to the School Without Walls Guidance Counselor who will contact GW regarding the change. Students are liable for non-refundable tuition charges for courses dropped after the first week of classes, along with any other financial penalties.

Enrollees who drop a course after the first week of classes will not be eligible to apply for a new course for a full academic year.

Required Paperwork

Mandatory Health Form

If you have not previously taken courses at GW, submit your Mandatory Health Form to the Student Health Service office prior to the start of classes. Failure to do so will result in a hold on your record that will not allow you to register for courses or obtain your grades.

Policy & Registration Request Forms

You are required to complete and sign both a Policy Form (PDF), Registration Request Form (PDF) and Student Consent Form (PDF) as part of the application. We will complete your registration and confirm your course details by email.

Pay Outstanding Fees

The Exposure Program covers tuition only and students are responsible for associated fees and materials.

The Office of Students Accounts manages your bill. Follow the instructions to review and pay your bill if you have outstanding fees.

In addition, we encourage you to set up your parent or guardian as an authorized user for your online bill, so that they can log in to your account, check your balance and make payments. Note: This does not grant access to grades, transcripts or other academic information.