Types of Students

Non-degree enrollment processes vary by program and audience. If you are unsure of the process you should follow, please contact our office.

General Study Students

If you are not currently a GW student, but are interested in taking a class at GW, follow the enrollment steps for General Study Applicants. This group includes students visiting from other institutions, as well as working professionals.

International Students

As a high school, undergraduate or graduate international student, you may have additional requirements to enroll as a non-degree student.

High School Students

As a high school or middle school student, including School Without Walls and DCPS Dual Enrollment students, your enrollment steps will be unique to your program or circumstances.

School Without Walls Faculty

As a School Without Walls (SWW) faculty member, you have the opportunity to take classes at GW after obtaining approval from the SWW principal.

Semester in Washington Politics

This program is offered to undergraduate students in the spring or summer semesters.

Teachers in Industry Project

This initiative at GW's Virginia Science & Technology Campus is designed for middle and high school teachers and is considered a non-degree program.

GW Alumni & Local Area Seniors

As a GW alumni or local area senior, you can take a course for credit or audit a course.

Corcoran Continuing Education

Corcoran Continuing Education courses are available to non-degree students and follow a specific enrollment process.